Tips on Getting the Best Customized Boxes

As soon as you come up with a new product all you want is to launch it into the market as soon as possible. Starting your own business is a huge challenge and once the product is completed all you want is to see the feedback it receives. This is where most businesses, particularly start-ups, make the dire mistake of rushing to place their product in the market. Without a clear marketing strategy and a well-planned launch, no matter how good your product is, it just won’t cut it. This is because the market nowadays is inundated with products so perfection is the key.

How custom packaging enters the equation?

The packaging is part of strategic marketing. It is not simply a concept found in books on business, it is a practical reality. Packaging can make or break a product. The best type of packaging is one that protects the product, is informative, is attractive, and which is consistent with the marketing strategy overall.

Companies are focusing more and more on the way they present their product to customers. They are using packaging as a means to differentiate their products or enhance the claims they make regarding them. It is wrong to underestimate the power and importance of packaging.

Best custom packaging option:

When it comes to packaging, once you have determined just how important it is, it is time to figure out the best packaging option out there. When it comes to wholesale custom boxes, customized cardboard boxes are the most reliable and suitable ones.

Sure you can go with plastic packaging, but you really want to go with an option which is much more bulky and pricey. Not to mention how plastic is extremely detrimental to the environment.

Custom made boxes which are made out of cardboard have always been the premier choice for organizations. They are much more affordable, easily customizable, and very practical. Custom boxes in the USA can be ordered locally or, better yet, online. Below is a brief guide how you can get the best custom boxes for wholesale or for retail purposes.

Guidelines to ordering custom made boxes:

  • Plan ahead:

Always determine your needs and requirements first. How many custom made boxes are needed initially? What will be the routine amount ordered? How often do you expect to get a restock? What sort of custom boxes will you be needing based on the product and the marketing mix is implemented?

  • Conduct proper research:

Just do not go with the first supplier you find. Do your research. Custom made boxes may be available locally, however, when it comes to the quality and options offered online suppliers are much more superior. Custom box manufacturers who have an online presence are much larger and generally have greater resources. Being online and having a wider exposure also means they do have more experience in general as well. Since online custom box wholesalers enjoy cost savings, their services can actually be more economical than that of local custom box makers.

  • Read reviews and gauge the customer service:

Remember to always read the reviews so you can get an idea of how the companies you have selected as potential suppliers gauge in terms of customer service. Customer service is key because even if a company provides the best custom made boxes, it really doesn’t matter if they treat their customers poorly. Getting good boxes is not enough, they must be on time and any issues with the order must be dealt with immediately.

  • Shop around and negotiate:

So you find a few suppliers that suit your needs. Don’t be hasty when closing a deal. Negotiate to make the terms more in your favor. Also, shop around and always let potential suppliers know what other quotes you have received so they can lower their own quotes or at least match the quotes. This way you will be able to get the best deal possible, lowering the overall costs of getting custom made boxes.

Designing and getting the boxes printed:

Now that you know how to select the best custom made boxes wholesaler you can focus on getting the boxes made. Since you have already determined what you need in terms of your product’s requirements you can go about drawing up a list of specifications. These specifications will include such basic things as the size of the boxes, the style, and the quantity you want to order.

Next, you can work out more details, the main one being the design. The design is really the heart of your custom box. You can have the designing of the box done professionally by outsourcing it, or you can always look for a custom boxes producer which offers design services as well.

Generally, custom boxes makers do have designers as they provide a digital proof for approval which are made by professional designers. Some companies even offer the designing service for free which is a huge plus.

Once designing is done with you can select things like the finish and any additional services you might want, like spot UV, foiling, embossing, etc.

Placing the order:

The step is placing the order. Custom made boxes generally require an upfront payment so be sure to keep that in mind. Once you have received the invoice make the payment and always request a receipt if you pay for the order via card.

Request tracking number so you can keep a check on the progress of your order and know exactly when it will be arriving at your facility.

Final word:

Approach the decision of selecting packaging for your product with caution and take your time. Perfection takes time so it doesn’t matter if designing and ordering your custom made boxes take time. Just be patient.

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